| 11 December 2023, Monday |

Egypt can defend itself, says defense minister

Egyptian Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Zaki said that “the army also has professional personnel capable of carrying out all tasks, whatever the circumstances.”
Zaki added during a military exercise that Egypt boasts an advanced armament system and is capable of defending itself.
At the final stage of the Raad-32 maneuver with live ammunition, which was carried out by units from the Western Military Region in cooperation with the main branches of the armed forces, he added that
Zaki praised the high level of the exercise, indicating a high combat readiness and training that led to professionalism in carrying out the planned tasks.

The senior officer stated that the maneuver included the management of combat operations to develop the attack with the assistance of the country’s air assets.

He stated that the military drills also witnessed the armored elements and mechanized infantry developing the attack, penetrating hostile defenses, engaging and destroying them in complete harmony between all elements of the battle formation.

He added that the final stage of the Raad-32 drills revealed the high standard of Egyptian forces’ field and combat skills and the use of the latest control and guidance systems for various weapons and equipment.

Zaki said that the maneuver showed the combat readiness of the participating elements and their skill in using the latest means of cooperation and technical and administrative control to carry out both planned and emergency tasks during the exercise.