| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Ennahda’s Noureddine Bhiri is ‘on the brink of death’, group warns

Tunisia’s Ennahda Movement called for the urgent release of its Vice President Noureddine Bhiri, noting that he is “on the brink of death”.

“Considering the intransigence of the existing authority and its refusal to comply with the requirements of the law to release the forcibly detained Noureddine Bhiri, his health reached the stage of extreme danger, and he is on the brink of death,” a statement released by the movement said.

“The Ennahda Movement holds the existing authority fully responsible for the life of Noureddine Bhiri,” it added, calling on authorities to release Bhiri and allow him to return home, be given access to medical treatment and end his hunger strike which has been ongoing for two weeks.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called on Tunisian authorities to release Bhiri and the former official in the Ministry of Interior,

Fathi Al-Balady, expressing its concern about the “deterioration of the human rights situation” in the country.