| 13 July 2024, Saturday |

Fire, building collapse injures 20 people in Iraq’s capital

A commercial building caught fire and collapsed Sunday in Baghdad, which led to the injury of two dozen people, including the head of Iraq’s civil defense directorate, authorities and the state news agency reported.
The official Iraqi News Agency said the civil defense director, Maj. Gen. Kadhim Bohan, and some firefighters were were among those injured when the burning building collapsed.
No deaths were reported. No information was immediately available on the cause of the blaze.
Brig. Gen. Qusai Younis, director of civil defense for the Al-Rusafa district of Baghdad, told The Associated Press that at least 28 people had been injured.
He said two of the three stories in the building, which contained warehouses storing flammable materials such as perfume, collapsed due to the fire.
The civil defense announced late Sunday evening that the fire had been fully extinguished and first responders were searching for missing people at the scene.
On Oct. 29, a gas tanker exploded near a soccer field in northeastern Baghdad, killing at least nine people and injuring 10 others. The explosion was found by an investigative committee to be an accident.

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