| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

FPM: We will not stand idly by before any procrastination in forming a government

The “Free Patriotic Movement” political body held its periodic meeting today, chaired by its Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, following which an issued statement deemed that the “FPM will not stand idly by before any procrastination in forming a government.”

The FPM warned that Lebanon will enter into a major crisis soon if Parliament does not issue a law allowing Central Bank to finance the Electricité du Liban Company without legal breach of the mandatory reserve, in order to purchase the fuel needed to produce electricity at a rate of at least 16 hours a day, which stops waste and the high financial cost resulting from the purchase of diesel for generators.

The political council called on the parliament, especially the obstructing blocs, to pass reform laws, foremost of which is the expanded administrative and financial decentralization law.

Finally, the conferees asked the House of Representatives about the fate of the proposed law to recover funds transferred abroad, most of which belong to politicians and bankers who exploited their influence.

  • NNA