| 15 April 2024, Monday |

German train drivers to go on strike from Wednesday

After pay discussions with rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DBN.UL) failed to generate a solution, Germany’s GDL train drivers’ union said on Monday that it will go on strike on September 1 for a week.

The walkout, which will disrupt freight services starting Wednesday afternoon and passenger transportation starting early Thursday, is the third and longest in the current pay dispute. The strike is scheduled to go until September 7th.

“This is one of our longest strikes,” said GDL chief Claus Weselsky, ruling out open-ended industrial action.

GDL, which has already held two strikes in August, is demanding a 3.2% increase for drivers in addition to a coronavirus bonus of 600 euros.

Deutsche Bahn has said that it is ready to meet the wage rise demand but that the two sides could not agree on when the increase should go into effect.

“A negotiable offer is on the table,” Deutsche Bahn’s HR chief Martin Seiler said in a statement. “Wage agreements cannot be dictated.”

  • Reuters