| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Hamas Refuses Abbas’ Condition for Acknowledging Int’l Resolutions

Hamas has rejected conditions presented by Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas for achieving national unity and forming a consensus government. The Gaza ruling group claimed that complying with Abbas’ terms meant surrendering to Israeli conditions.

“The requirements of President Abbas to form a government and achieve national unity are dependent on Zionist conditions and contradict the state of the Palestinian national consensus,” said Hamas Spokesperson Abdul-Latif Al-Qanou.

“Any national dialogue should be based on Cairo understandings,” affirmed Al-Qanou.

Al-Qanou accused the PA President of having opposing positions to national consensus, violating signed agreements and practicing tyranny.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson defended Hamas by saying it had made concessions at every stage in the hopes of achieving national consensus.

Abbas has requested that Hamas to recognize international resolutions before engaging in dialogue over national unity.

Responding to a letter passed to him by prominent Palestinian businessman Munib Al-Masri, who met with the Hamas leadership in Gaza and abroad, Abbas wrote: “Hamas has to recognize the international resolutions in order to be a partner.”

Al-Masri described his meetings with Hamas officials as “positive” and reiterated the movement’s intention to end the internal Palestinian division and reach national reconciliation.

Abbas stressed that “there would be no dialogue with them (Hamas)” unless he is sent a letter by Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh that is personally signed by him.

Reconciliation talks between Abbas’ Fatah, the second-largest party in the Palestinian Legislative Council, and Hamas are at a standstill.

The last serious attempt to reboot talks took place last June when Egypt engaged in a one-on-one dialogue with the two parties before launching an inclusive national dialogue that was canceled at the last minute due to the differences between Fatah and Hamas.

The two sides differed over the elections, which were ultimately cancelled, the government, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and reconstruction of Gaza.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat