| 13 July 2024, Saturday |

High-profile Haitian politician killed in apparent gang attack, reports say

In the midst of a gang blockage of a petroleum terminal that has caused a humanitarian crisis, a well-known Haitian politician was reportedly killed in an apparent gang attack in an affluent Port-au-Prince suburb on Saturday.

On Friday night, gunmen shot at Eric-Jean Baptiste, the leader of the Rally of Progressive National Democrats (RDNP) political party, as he was driving back to his residence in the Laboule 12 neighborhood.

Who carried out the attack was not immediately clear. When Reuters asked the Haitian National Police for comment, they did not provide one.

A gang known as Ti Makak, which has recently emerged from obscurity to become a potent criminal organization engaged in kidnapping and extortion, is now increasingly in charge of Laboule 12.

The killing comes after the same-area murder of former Haitian senator Yvon Buissereth in August, which a state official blamed on Ti Makak.

  • Reuters