| 21 October 2021, Thursday |

In EU, Finland lobbies to get nuclear energy labelled as sustainable source

With an aim the government of Finland is looking to lobby in the European Union (EU), in order to get nuclear power recognised as a sustainable energy source, this development comes after a secret decision.
Although the EU has already declared wind and solar as sustainable, it is yet to make a decision on gas and nuclear.
Currently, nuclear energy is considered a low-carbon energy source in comparison to the emissions caused by mining and transport. This is even when plants are emission-free.
While Finland already has four nuclear plants, another one is nearing completion after several years of postponements due to technical complexities. So, the future of nuclear energy is critical for the country.
By 2035, Finland looks to becoming carbon neutral, and its industry is also highly energy-intensive.

As of now, 30% energy in Finland is produced by nuclear energy.
The government’s alignment to lobby nuclear as a sustainable source is a complete U-turn for the Green Party sitting in the current five-party cabinet, reported Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE).
Traditionally, the party is anti-nuclear and had resigned from previous governments over the issue.