| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Iranian parliament sets six conditions for return to nuclear deal

In a letter to President Ebrahim Raisi published on Sunday, Iran’s parliament laid out six requirements for Tehran to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, according to the country’s official IRNA news agency.

The letter, which was signed by 250 out of 290 parliamentarians, stated that the US and European parties should guarantee that they would not withdraw from a resurrected agreement or activate the “snapback mechanism,” which would reimpose sanctions on Iran immediately if it violated its nuclear obligations.

“We must learn from past mistakes and draw a line in the sand in the national interest by refusing to commit to any arrangement without first receiving sufficient guarantees,” MPs wrote in the letter.

According to a senior European Union official, the announcement comes as final preparations are being taken in Vienna to resurrect a 2015 nuclear pact, which might lead to an agreement “very soon.”

Such restrictions from parliament at such a vital time risk limiting Iranian negotiators’ maneuvering flexibility in Vienna and jeopardizing a final accord.

Iran’s parliament further stipulated that resuming the deal would only be possible if all sanctions, including those related to terrorism, missile technology, and human rights, were repealed.

Furthermore, parliamentarians want to ensure that Iran earns money from its exports before returning to nuclear compliance, according to the statement.

The hardliner faction in Iran’s parliament is committed to the country’s ultimate goal.

  • Reuters