| 8 December 2023, Friday |

“ISIS in Russian”: Russian soldiers execute Ukrainian prisoners of war, film murder on camera

On February 24, 2022, the Russian army invaded the territory of Ukraine. The Russian authorities expected to capture Kyiv in 3 days and finish the so-called “special military operation”. However, the Ukrainian army bravely repels the attacks of the aggressor and continues to liberate new territories to this day. The lack of tactical and strategic advantage of the Russian army on the battlefield has led the Russian military to try to intimidate the Ukrainians and openly publish videos with the cruel torture and murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war as ISIS terrorists did.

On the evening of April 11, 2023, a shocking video appeared on the Internet, where Russian soldiers brutally killed a captured Ukrainian soldier and recorded it on video. It showed how a Russian military beheading of a Ukrainian defender with a knife, who was still alive at that time. Being in a state of shock, the prisoner screams that he is in pain. “We are working, brothers” and “Break his spine. Haven’t you cut heads off before?”, a voice of occupiers behind the camera is heard in the video. The Russians show the severed head on camera, saying it should be sent to the commander of the victim.

Note that this behavior of Russian soldiers is far from being an isolated case. Recall how in May it became known that the Russian invaders shot an unarmed Ukrainian prisoner of war after the words “Glory to Ukraine.” And in July last year, a video appeared on the Internet where a Russian soldier kills a Ukrainian prisoner of war – castrating him with a clerical knife. Such kind of videos periodically appeared in social networks indicate that this happens very often, because such executions, as a rule, are carried out without filming the process on camera.

CNN also found another video, most likely filmed this month, by the Wagner group. The invaders showed beheaded corpses of two Ukrainian soldiers lying on the ground next to the destroyed military vehicle. Such executions were carried out by mercenaries from the Wagner group, who are currently fighting in Ukraine along with the regular troops of the Russian Federation, back in Syria. In 2019, a video was made public on the Internet in which Russian mercenaries shot several times at a civilian, crushed his limbs with a sledgehammer, and then cut off his head and set fire to the body.

While Ukraine’s Western allies are considering whether to provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with another military aid, the Russian terrorist army is violating all possible human rights and committing crimes against humanity. The regime of Vladimir Putin and his army is a dangerous phenomenon that threatens the whole world. If not to stop the aggressor on Ukrainian lands, he will reach the European countries, where he will also kill civilians and execute prisoners of war in the same way. Don’t negotiate with terrorists, destroy them.


Sources: Cyprus Daily News