| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Jordanian ex-royal court chief sentenced to 15 years for alleged plot

On Monday, a Jordanian Court sentenced Bassem Awadallah, a longtime royal confidant, and a minor royal to 15 years in prison for attempting to overthrow the monarchy.

The court stated that evidence supporting the charges against the couple had been validated, and that they were both determined to destroy the monarchy by promoting Prince Hamza, the erstwhile heir to the throne, as an alternative to the king.

The allegations stunned Jordan because they revealed schisms within the ruling Hashemite family, which has been a pillar of stability in an increasingly volatile area.

Awadallah, a former finance minister who was a driving force behind Jordan’s liberal economic reforms, was charged with agitating to undermine the political system and committing acts that threaten public security and sowing sedition.

He has pled not guilty and has stated that he had no involvement in the case.

After professing fealty to the king last April, the estranged Prince Hamza avoided punishment, defusing a crisis that had led to his house detention.

The verdict was reached three weeks after the trial’s first session.

A defense motion to call more than two dozen witnesses, including Hamza, was denied by the court.

  • Reuters