| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Kerry: ‘World must raise ambition to tackle climate threat’

US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry says the world must work at “raising the ambition” to meet the challenge climate change presents. Me Kerry praised the UAE for its role in combating climate change. He stressed “the importance of an oil and gas-producing nation bringing together a group of nations that many people might think were improbably committed to dealing with climate crisis … you can’t overstate the importance”. He added that “the UAE is investing significantly in alternative and renewable energy. They have deployed it in this country; they have one of the largest solar fields in the world producing 1,170 or so megawatts, with three million plus solar panels deployed”.

Earlier, Mr Kerry visited Noor solar park in Abu Dhabi, the largest single-site facility in the world. He also toured a number of entities leading the sustainability drive, including the International Renewable Energy Agency, or Irena, and renewable energy company Masdar. “They are involved in hydrogen innovation and technology, research and development, and recognise that we have a lot of work to do. But they want to be part of trying to move in the right direction.” He said

“By convening this group, they helped to produce a unified statement today of commitment to making the Glasgow negotiations in November successful, and to increasing the reduction of emissions, and continuing to contribute significantly to the global response to the climate crisis,” Mr Kerry said.

Collective action on climate change was possible, he said, as was witnessed when 196 countries signed to the Paris Agreement in 2015, creating a framework for climate action.

Six years on, the international community is expected to convene in November, for Cop26 in Scotland.

“Now we have to come back together and raise the ambition to make that framework work,” Mr Kerry said.

However, before Glasgow, there will be an online summit led by US President Joe Biden at the end of this month, bringing together 40 leaders, including those of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Mr Kerry said: “That’s what makes this meeting in Glasgow so important in November. Because the world will come back together and have an opportunity to move us all together in a direction that is responsible and preserves this planet, and hopefully in better shape for our kids for the future and for their kids.”