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Man says spotted whale in Dubai Harbour marina, shares video

According to one individual who contacted with Al Arabiya English after seeing the occurrence and posting a video of it online, a whale was observed in the Dubai Harbour marina on Saturday.

The gigantic water monster was originally spotted by a boat crew on Sunday morning, who contacted marina personnel.

The United Arab Emirates coastguard was allegedly summoned and worked with members of the UAE Dolphin Project to liberate the cetacean.

The whale was remained at the harbor on Saturday, but it was not to be found on Monday.

“It’s really one-of-a-kind. “We observed several dolphins when we came to pick up one of our newer yachts and staff dhows, but it’s unusual to see something like this in marinas,” Jonny Dodge said.

According to Dodge, marina officials guided boat traffic to avoid the whale so that it did not get damaged while it was in the vicinity.

Dodge, 39, who has been visiting Dubai for the past 15 years, posted a video of the aquatic monster to Instagram.

The video was released by Dubai’s Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed al-Maktoum, who captioned it with the suggestion that the cetacean is a Bryde’s whale.

“That’s something you don’t expect to see. It’s amazing to see it up close. “I’d been to Oman previously and seen whales there, but being that close to one is unbelievable,” Dodge added.

Dodge went on to say that after hearing about the whale, the crown prince was anxious to see it for himself.

Whale sightings in the Gulf area are relatively uncommon, despite their rarity.

Bryde’s whales have been sighted in the Arabian Gulf multiple times in recent years.

A dead Humpback whale washes ashore on the shores of Asir in southern Saudi Arabia in 2018.

According to Saudi environmental officials, whales frequently reach the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea by swimming alongside huge ships, but then lose their way and are unable to return to the larger ocean.

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