| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

More than 200,000 British homes still without power after Storm Eunice

According to an organization representing electrical networks, more than 200,000 British homes were still without power early Saturday, after Storm Eunice knocked over 1 million people off the grid on Friday.

The severe Atlantic storm delivered record-breaking gusts as up to 122 miles per hour (196 kilometers per hour) to the United Kingdom, killing three people and inflicting extensive damage. Six additional deaths have been recorded in Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

According to the Energy Networks Association, as of 0730 GMT, its members have reconnected 1.2 million consumers, although over 226,000 remained without power, primarily in southern England but also in the east and south Wales.

“That number is coming down all the time and engineers are working round the clock to reconnect people,” the industry body’s director of communications, Ross Easton, told the BBC.

Nearly 1 million homes lost power in November when a storm hit northeast England and eastern Scotland.

While power was restored to the vast majority of homes within 48 hours, more than 3,000 households did not regain access to mains power for a week or more, prompting the government to order a review of utility firms’ preparedness.

  • Reuters