| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

Morocco introduces new cybercrime laws

Amid the significant increase in the number of online users, Moroccan Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Wehbe stressed that the digital transformation has posed many challenges and threats mainly related to the risks arising from information crime and other aspects of compromising the digital security of citizens
Wehbe said that the Ministry is working to introduce new legal requirements aimed at combating cyber crimes, especially those targeting women and children.

He explained that, in the context of ensuring compatibility with international standards, especially the Budapest Convention on cybercrime, the Ministry of Justice, as part of its comprehensive review of the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Group, has included a set of important developments, especially related to the rules of research and investigation of cybercrime.

Moroccan Al-Ousboue Assahafi newspaper said a law that criminalises and punishes all behaviours that affect automated data processing systems had been introduced.
In recent years, Morocco has witnessed many cases of blackmailing young men and women by people who take advantage of explicit pictures or videos to demand money.