| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Nearly 12,000 lives saved by vaccines so far in England – analysis

The rollout of coronavirus vaccines in England has prevented around 12,000 fatalities and over 30,000 hospitalizations in older people, according to an analysis by government agency Public Health England (PHE) on Friday.

Britain has administered to two-thirds of its adult population at least one jab of vaccine, helping Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his endeavors to reopen the economy by summer.

PHE said up until the end of April, the coronavirus vaccination program prevented 11,700 deaths in people aged 60 or over in England. Around 33,000 hospitalizations of people aged 65 and above had been warded off in the same period.

The PHE figures did not include Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, whose devolved governments make their own policy on combating the pandemic.

PHE also said the estimated tally accounted only for the direct effects of vaccines, and “clear and increasing” evidence that vaccines help reduce transmission meant the numbers of hospitalizations and fatalities avoided by vaccines was likely higher.

Mary Ramsay, head of immunization at PHE, said “the vaccine has already saved so many lives and we can now see the huge impact it has had on preventing people becoming seriously ill and therefore also protecting our hospitals.”

  • Reuters