| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Pentagon says China’s offensive space technology is ‘on the march’

According to top intelligence official for the Pentagon’s Indo-Pacific command, China is allocating sizable long-term investments for weapons designed to jam or destroy satellites as the nation seeks to rapidly narrow the gap in space technology with the US.

China is pushing to develop antisatellite weapons with capabilities from “dazzling to jamming, to kinetic kill-from-the-ground, from space — all that, they’re on the march, Rear Admiral Michael Studeman said this week during an intelligence-security trade group’s webinar.

Studeman’s comments mark the most current unclassified assessment of the counter-space capabilities of a nation that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin repeatedly refers to as the top challenge for US defense planning and spending.

China’s threats to US satellites as well as Russian advances in counterspace technologies were among the primary justifications American officials cited for establishing the US Space Force, the sixth US military service branch and the regional Space Command, during the Trump administration.
“They take a look at our space capability and want to equal and exceed those and be able to dominate to guarantee themselves the maneuvering they need to be able to secure their objectives if they’re in a fight,” Studeman said.

The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in April that the Chinese military “will continue to integrate space services — such as satellite reconnaissance and positioning, navigation, and timing and satellite communications — into its weapons and command-and-control systems to erode the US military’s information advantage.”

  • alarabiya