| 26 February 2024, Monday |

President Aoun’s call for dialogue will remain open

The Presidency Press Office issued the following statement:

“After the consultations held by the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, with the Parliament Speaker, Prime Minister and heads of parliamentary blocs regarding the call for dialogue, it became clear that many ranged from refusing to consult and refusing to dialogue, which holds them responsible for the consequences of the continued comprehensive obstruction of the authorities, the government, the judiciary, and the Parliament.

The President’s call for dialogue will remain open, and he hopes that the patriotic sense of the boycotters will prevail over any other interests.The President also calls on boycotters to stop their arrogance and look at the suffering of the Lebanese people and agree as soon as possible to hold a frank dialogue in order to decide our future in our own hands based on a national will and in order not to impose on us a future contrary to what we wish for our country.

Continued disruption of the Council of Ministers is a deliberate disruption of the financial and economic recovery plan. Without this plan there will be no negotiations with the International Monetary Fund or with others, and therefore, no aid or reforms, but more wear and tear for the state and a deepening of the collapse. This in itself is an unforgivable crime against a people who suffer daily more and more, as a result of inherited and worsening crises, and deliberate neglect of those responsible for effective treatments.

Those who obstruct dialogue and reject it know themselves well and the Lebanese know them. They bear the responsibility of people losing their money and the state’s loss of its resources. They also bear responsibility for the inability of every citizen to secure a livelihood, health protection, old age guarantee and education.

President Aoun thanks those who attended and those who responded, and declares that he is continuing his call for dialogue without hesitation and in taking every initiative or decision aimed at protecting Lebanon and the Lebanese, especially since the dialogue revolves around the financial and economic recovery plan for Lebanon, and issues related to reforming the system through administrative and expanded financial decentralization, the defense strategy and the financial and economic recovery of Lebanon.

This commitment is at the heart of the President’s oath to respect the constitution and laws and preserve the nation’s independence and territorial integrity.

The President will spare no effort in order to resume the dialogue and prepare for its management according to the agenda of topics he had set. President Aoun still hopes that everyone will have the national responsibility required to save Lebanon and its people”.

  • Sawt Beirut International