| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Ryanair flight from UK makes emergency landing after plunging 35,000ft

A Ryanair flight from Manchester to Faro, Portugal, was forced to make an emergency landing in France when a fire broke out on board.

As the plane traveled over the English Channel, the pilots on board began the landing process immediately after the fire was discovered.

They landed the plane at Brest, where fire trucks and police officers were waiting on the runway.

Passengers were quickly removed off the plane.

According to a flight-tracking platform, the jet began a seven-minute fast fall, plunging from 41,000 feet to 6,725 feet.

Passengers were relocated from the plane to another plane in Brest to continue their journey to Portugal.

All clients have also been given the option of staying at a hotel overnight before continuing their journey to Dublin in the morning.

  • The National News