| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Saudi Arabia foils attempt to smuggle 66,000 alcohol bottles, eight people arrested

Eight people were arrested after authorities in Saudi Arabia thwarted attempts to smuggle large quantities of alcohol into the country hidden in orange juice and drinking water containers, according to SPA.

Three smuggling operations attempting to import a total of 66,312 bottles of alcohol through Jeddah and al-Batha ports were intercepted, it was announced on Friday.

Saudi Arabia’s Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority carried out the three raids.

The first saw 25,380 bottles seized from a truck after smugglers attempted to bring them through al-Batha port hidden in orange juice containers.

The second raid involved 16,800 bottles of wine hidden in drinking water packaging being seized.

In the third raid, 24,132 bottles of wine were confiscated after smugglers tried to import them through Jeddah Islamic Port hidden in containers labeled ‘machine filters.’

The possession and sale of alcohol remain prohibited in Saudi Arabia where both offenses are punishable by jail terms.

  • alarabiya