| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Saudi Crown Prince Donates SR100 Million to Charities, Insolvent Prisoners

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made a donation of SR100 million ($26.6 million) to charities and prisoners jailed over financial crimes, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Thursday.

The sum will be split in two categories, with SR87 million to be disbursed to support 29 charities in all regions of the Kingdom within the next few days, while SR13 million will be allocated to paying the debts of more than 150 insolvent prisoners to be released and returned to their families on Thursday.

The move comes under the “Sanad Mohammed Bin Salman Social Enterprise Program” to support the charitable services of eight groups, including women’s charitable societies, as well as charities for people with disabilities, cancer care, care of widows and divorcees, orphan care, Down Syndrome, health services, and care of the elderly.

Each charity will receive financial support for developmental programs that rely on training, qualification, support and sustainability.

The debts of more than 150 insolvent prisoners will be paid off due to their inability to pay as they are prisoners of special rights, according to specific controls, provided that the amount owed by the prisoner has not been exploited in unlawful matters, and are not involved in criminal cases.

“Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s continued support for non-profit work in the Kingdom reflects his unlimited interest in humanitarian work and supporting all groups of the non-profit sector according to mechanisms and limitations included in the Mohammed bin Salman Charitable Project, which is affiliated with the Sanad Program,” SPA reported.

The governance of support for charities is represented through several stages to ensure high efficiency in spending and direct access to the most needy beneficiaries, including studying and evaluating associations’ programs and the extent of benefit achieved to the beneficiaries.

This is done through direct support represented in financial aid, providing equipment and treatment, or through sustainable programs, such as training and rehabilitation courses for orphans, persons with disabilities, children of needy families, and widows and divorcees, to enable them to enter the labor market and find sources of income.

The Crown Prince donated SR100 million four years ago, helping 102,000 beneficiaries including orphans, people with disabilities, cancer patients, the elderly, widows, divorcees, young men and women who are about to marry, and needy families. It was distributed among 70 charitable societies in all regions of the Kingdom, through the Mohammed bin Salman Charitable Project.

Over the past years, the Crown Prince’s donations have contributed in supporting the charitable sector and improving the services provided, and has aided a large number of beneficiaries.

  • Reuters