| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Some are “on purpose” … American websites still show Trump “president”

Four months after the presidential election in which former Republican President Donald Trump lost to his Democratic rival, President Joe Biden, several Republican websites still portray   Trump as “president,” according to  USA Today.

The newspaper reported that large counties such as “Miami” and “Hillsborough”, in Florida, are still promoting Trump, as president, according to a general review of the positions of Republicans in all 67 counties of the state.

Some local Republican Party officials claim, and the newspaper’s statement, that continuing to portray Trump as president is due to “negligence,” although some sites have updated their list with newly elected officials. Others did not hide their intention to show the matter, “on purpose.”

Jay Kramer, head of the Republican Party in Indian River County, told the newspaper, “Trump did not acknowledge his defeat in the election, and we saw that the elections were stolen.”

The former mayor of Vero Beach added, “It is important to take a stand and make sure that this stance continues over the next three and a half years.”

Meanwhile, there were reports that Trump intends to run for the next elections in 2024.

But his chances of achieving that goal appear “slim.”

A report by the Miami Herald quoted Alan Lichtman, the political historian at American University who “accurately predicted almost all the results of the US presidential election more than three decades ago,” quoted him as saying: “It is highly unlikely (that this will happen).” That is, Trump will run in the next elections, “not as a candidate for the Republican Party or from a third party,” according to the newspaper.

Remarkably, the man told Andrey Oppenheimer, the author of the article, that he would not be surprised if Biden ran for re-election in 2024, despite the fact that he would be 82 years old by then