| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Sudanese protesters block land road with Egypt

Sudanese protesters have blocked the land road leading to Egypt, hindering the active land trade between both countries.

Hundreds of cargo trucks from and to Egypt were left stranded on the Omdurman-Dongola Road.

The protesters seized the trucks in the Al-Barqiq locality in Dongola to reject the government’s increased tariff of potable water from 200 Sudanese pounds to 1,000.

Tension escalated upon the security authority’s arrest of several protesters at the checkpoints on the land road from the west.

This road is a vital land crossing for goods and it is the second time in 12 months that the residents of north Sudan block this road to demand better services.


The committees of services and change in the region announced that the road will remain blocked until further notice, warning the protesters would not back off until the authority meets their demands and return the water tariffs to previous rates.

The residents complained in vain to the executive director of the province, the statement read. Therefore, they decided to escalate and block the road.

The residents hold the authority responsible for the arrest of some individuals at the checkpoints.

The committees called on the authorities to intervene and release the detainees, threatening more escalation in the coming days.

Some Facebook photos showed the trucks in long queues on both sides of the road.

The road was blocked previously in January 2022 to demand the implementation of safety standards for the trucks.

Among the demands were also the establishment of a free trade zone and carrying out maintenance to the road that has worn out due to the heavy movement of trucks between Egypt and Sudan.


  • Asharq Al-Awsat