| 9 December 2023, Saturday |

Swiss considering wider EU sanctions on Iran over Amini death

Switzerland is debating whether to support tougher European Union sanctions on Iran in the aftermath of Teheran’s assault on protesters horrified by the murder in police custody of Mahsa Amini, 22.

The Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education, and Research (WBF) said that the EU has imposed penalties on 11 more persons and four organizations in connection with Amini’s murder and the protests.

“The department is currently reviewing further steps,” the WBF told Reuters in a statement.

Some European Union foreign ministers on Monday also called for new sanctions against Iran if Tehran’s involvement in Russia’s war on Ukraine is proven, a move that will also be followed closely in Switzerland, the government said.

No time frame was given before Switzerland makes its decision, with the WBF saying it would examine the EU sanctions. A decision could be made by either Economic Affairs Minister Guy Parmelin alone or together with the Swiss cabinet.

Switzerland has previously adopted certain U.N. resolutions. and EU sanctions against Iran for its nuclear activities and human rights crimes

Switzerland has already outlawed the shipment of weapons, nuclear items, and surveillance technology, and it has also blocked the financial assets of several Iranians associated with the government and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.

On Monday, EU foreign ministers added 11 Iranians and four institutions to a travel ban and asset freeze list for their roles in the crackdown on protesters after Amini’s murder.

  • Reuters