| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

The Turkey quake broke an olive grove into two, creating a 984-feet valley

Killing over 40,000 in Turkey and Syria and damaging buildings and infrastructure, Turkey earthquake has caused widespread destruction. Images are proof of the level of damage sustained by the two countries. Satellite images of the Turkey earthquake show how the landscape of the affected areas has changed. The quake has caused an olive garden in Turkey to break off into two, creating a 984-feet valley.
The olive grove is situated in Turkey’s south-east Altınozu district, which borders Syria. The images of the Turkey olive garden are proof of how severe last week’s Turkey quake, measuring 7.8 on the Richet Scale, was. The Turkey olive garden quake images show a jagged, sandy-coloured, canyon-like chasm. The divide is over a whopping 130 feet deep (40 metres).
Residents in the area described how scary last week’s quake was and how close their town came to a similar destruction sustained by the olive garden. Irfan Aksu, who lives near the area, told Turkish news agency Demioren News Agency that as the earthquake struck, it created “an incredible sound”. “It was like a battlefield when we woke up,” he said.
Irfan wants experts to check the area for any future damage. “This is not a small town, there are 1000 houses, and 7000 thousand people live here,” he said. “Of course, we are scared… if it was a little closer, it would have happened in the middle of our town.”
Turkey earthquake death count rises above 40,000
The combined death toll in Turkey and Syria earthquake has now shot past 40,000. Nine more survivors were pulled from the rubble on Tuesday with the rescue and relief efforts now shifting focus to getting the survivors help in terms of food and shelter. The temperatures have fallen down considerably in the two countries and people are now battling freezing weather.
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has acknowledged that the initial response to the 7.8 magnitude quake faced problems. He says that the situation is now under control. “We are facing one of the greatest natural disasters not only in our country but also in the history of humanity,” Erdogan said in a televised speech in Ankara.

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