| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Two islands are 4 km away from each other and the time difference is 21 hours

Users of social platforms were surprised recently with a video that reveals that the time difference between two neighboring islands reaches 21 hours, knowing that the distance between them does not exceed four kilometers. These two islands are called  Diomede the Great and the Lesser Diomede and are located in the Bering Strait that separates Asia and America.

This disparity is due to the International Date Line, which is an imaginary line that passes through the Pacific Ocean and controls time across the world.

The large island of “Diomede” is one day ahead, in time, over its smaller counterpart, knowing that they are very close to each other. The two islands are located between the lands of Alaska in the United States and Siberia in Russia

The largest island of “Diomede” is located on the Russian side of the date line, while the small “Diomede” is located on the American side. During the summer, the time difference between the two neighboring islands decreases to twenty hours

This matter is largely unknown, and has not been brought into attention recently, except when it was broadcasted in a clip on the “TikTok” platform.

“There are strange things in this world,” one of the platform users wrote, referring to the time difference between the two islandsThe funny thing is that one can walk from one island to the other by walking during the winter season, because the water is frozenCommentators asked, “What if someone works on an island and lives on another? what timing will he depend on?


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