| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

UAE police arrest five men over knifepoint robberies, fake massage parlors

Five Asians have been detained by police in the UAE’s Sharjah emirate for reportedly operating a phony massage parlor to entice unsuspecting clients and rob them at knifepoint.

The Asian gang, according to the police, promoted the salon as a spa offering massages and sessions for natural therapy.

After arriving at the location disclosed on massage cards that were distributed across the city, the alleged victims say they were then forced to hand over cash at knifepoint by the gang of men.

Colonel Omar Al Zoud, director of Criminal Investigation at Sharjah Police, said officers had been tipped off about an Asian man distributing massage cards in the Rolla area.

Officers headed to the scene and arrested the suspect before raiding his accommodation where they found boxes of massage cards and multiple types of knives.

The rest of the gang were arrested and admitted to threatening and robbing victims, police said, as they released an image of the suspects standing in front of boxes filled with fake massage cards.

The public is being urged to remain vigilant about such scams and report any suspicious activities to the police.

  • alarabiya