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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for June 29, 2022

No new government before Aoun’s era is over?

“I handed over to President Aoun the line-up that I see fit”… This is what the Prime Minister-designate said after leaving Baabda Palace and meeting President Michel Aoun. Several observations can be made about the meeting and the statement.

The first observation is related to the figure, and it is about the speed of movement that Mikati made. He did not wait twenty-four hours for the consultations to end, but rather hurried to the Baabda Palace, handing over to the President of the Republic his government formation. Speed means one of two things. The first is that Mikati is in a hurry to compose. The second is that the Prime Minister-designate wants to throw the ball into Aoun’s court, and thus hold him responsible for any delay.

The second observation is that the meeting did not last more than 10 minutes, which means that it is a meeting for reporting rather than for consultation and the exchange of views and ideas. This is something that affects one way or another the possibility of reaching a final result for the path of formation of composition.

The third and final observation: What was leaked from the squad suggests that Mikati is looking for a problem more than he is looking for a solution. The son-in-law of the covenant wants a political government, while Mikati does not want such a government at all. Mikati wants to replace the Energy Minister who is loyal to Gebran Bassil and replace him with another Energy Minister who is not loyal to the Orange Movement. This is something that Bassil cannot be satisfied with.

Does all this mean that the caretaker government will live beyond the era of Michel Aoun, and that there is no new government until after the election of a new president?


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