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Britney Spears reportedly suffered head injury after a fight with Sam Asghari in hotel room

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have ended their relationship after being married for 14 months. Since the news of their divorce became public, a number of surprising revelations have emerged. One of the latest revelations is a heated altercation between the ex-couple, during which Spears sustained a significant head injury.
The bombshell revelation was made in the recent TV special “Britney Spears: Divorce & Despair,” which aired on Fox.

TMZ founder Harvey Levin revealed shocking inside details about the incident, which led to a head injury and required stitches.

“She and Sam were going at it in a hotel room, and it got so bad [that] she tripped and hit the coffee table, cracking her head open,” Levin claimed. “She needed stitches.”
However, there is no confirmation of this shocking revelation. A source told Page Six that this incident never happened.

A source told Page Six, “This did not happen,” adding that Spears and Asghari have “never even been to London together.”

Britney and Sam have opened up about their divorce on social media, but in person, they are no longer talking to each other. And their attorneys are doing all the talking between them. As per the sources, their relationship turned ‘really nasty’ after Sam left the house.

Britney gave Sam a black eye
Britney Spear’s estranged husband Sam Asghari accused the singer of violently attacking him while he was asleep. Asghari has alleged that she gave him a black eye.

Sam reportedly claimed that he was sleeping when Britney “flew off the handle and began punching him” earlier this year.

Asghari filed for divorce in a Los Angeles court, citing, “irreconcilable differences” The couple had split three weeks ago, on July 28.

The couple split three weeks ago, on July 28.

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