| 22 June 2024, Saturday |

Egypt cancels US rapper Travis Scott’s concert over alleged promotion of Masonry

According to a report from Al Arabiya on Tuesday, Egypt’s Musicians’ Syndicate has cancelled the planned concert of American rapper Travis Scott at the Giza Pyramids. The decision was made due to reports suggesting that he promotes “Masonic thoughts.”
The syndicate said in a statement that after reviewing the opinions of Egyptians on social media and after receiving reports that Scott “carries out strange rituals” during his concerts, it decided to cancel the event scheduled for July 28.

“Photos and reports showed that Scott [uses his concerts] to hold rituals that contradict with our values and traditions. The [syndicate] thus decided to cancel the license for the concert which is not in line with the Egyptian people’s cultural identity,” the statement added.
Last month, a Houston grand jury decided that Scott will not face criminal charges over the death of 10 people killed in a crush during the Astroworld festival in Texas in 2021.

The fatal crowd crush sparked conspiracy theories across social media, the Independent reported at the time of the incident.

One popular theory stated that the death of 10 people was a Satanic ritual.

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