| 2 December 2023, Saturday |

Jordan to begin celebrations ahead of the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein and Saudi Arabia’s Rajwa Al-Saif

According to Jordan News Agency, Jordan commenced its celebratory events on Wednesday to honor the royal wedding of Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II and Rajwa Khalid Al-Saif, a Saudi citizen.
The two-day celebration will include a royal feast hosted by King Abdullah II at the Royal Hashemite Court, with 4,000 people from across Jordan attending the event.
The banquet will boast poetry recitals, singing, and Jordanian folk tunes.
It was revealed earlier this month that the religious marriage ceremony will take place on Thursday at Zahran Palace in Amman, with the reception — to be attended by international heads of state and the Jordanian royal family — at Al-Husseiniya Palace.
The wedding of the Jordanian royal and the Saudi national has drawn interest from local, regional, and international media, Petra reported.
Several television networks will be broadcasting the ceremony on Thursday.

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