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Margot Robbie mocks Bitcoin, labeling iIt a ‘Ken’ affair, as Mattel explores NFTs

In a recent interview with Fandango, Margot Robbie, the lead star of this summer’s blockbuster sensation “Barbie,” mocked the world of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin.

Australian-born Hollywood star Robbie revealed that while preparing for the movie alongside director Greta Gerwig, the duo found themselves repeatedly amused by the cryptocurrency discussions of two of the film’s male producers, David Heyman and Tom Acklerley, who also happens to be Robbie’s husband.

Describing the producers’ conversations about Bitcoin as “such Kens,” Robbie and Gerwig drew a humorous comparison to the stereotypically male behaviors exhibited by the character “Ken” in the “Barbie” film.

The term “Ken” has gained popularity on social media as a shorthand for comically vain, cocky, or patriarchal behavior.

Although Robbie didn’t explicitly define what “such a Ken” means, she hinted that it relates to certain stereotypical male attitudes.

While Margot Robbie may think of Bitcoin as a “Ken” thing, the parent company of “Barbie,” Mattel, has shown strong support for blockchain technology as a potential revenue stream for its brands.

Mattel has been making strides to modernize Barbie and align the iconic doll with cultural trends.

Mattek Releases NFTs Based on Barbie Movie
Earlier, in a significant move, Mattel ventured into the NFT market, releasing themed NFTs based on Barbie in collaboration with women-led crypto media brand Boss Beauties.

The Barbie movie aimed to empower women and collectors to explore Web3 through blockchain-powered collectibles.

Mattel’s interest in blockchain extends beyond NFTs.

Earlier this year, the company launched a marketplace on the Flow blockchain, allowing users to trade Mattel NFTs directly with each other and reap profits in cryptocurrency.

The company’s commitment to blockchain indicates it has big plans for its presence in the evolving technology landscape.

As “Barbie” continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Margot Robbie’s playful take on Bitcoin and its association with “Big Ken Energy” adds an amusing twist to the ongoing cryptocurrency discourse.

The movie’s collaboration with the blockchain and NFT market further reinforces the growing intersection between entertainment and decentralized technology, heralding an exciting era of innovation and creativity in the industry.


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