| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

“Micho is all ears”, a new TV Show hosted by Michel Azzi on Sawt Beirut International

“Micho is all ears”… a new TV Show that will be hosted by the TV Host Michel Azzi who has joined Sawt Beirut International family. Michel Azzi will interact again with his audience on weekly basis, live, creating an atmosphere of entertainment, as the program will include communication, chatting, fun and cash prizes.

“I feel happy to reconnect with viewers and followers, especially in light of the difficult circumstances and the tragedies that the country is witnessing at all levels, and I will try to bring smiles and joy to their hearts as much as possible, by being close to people and dealing with them in a lovely and friendly manner”, affirmed Azzi.

Azzi described the nature of his show and revealed that “it will be a spontaneous program as usual. Questions will be fun, and there will be illustrated sketches. The program will include cash prizes for winners, so the goal is also to help people.”

Azzi revealed that his new TV show will be launched next Tuesday, the 23rd of the present month, of one hour. “I hope that the show will be crowned with success and that we will achieve our goals.”

Since his first appearance on television, Michel Azzi has established a strong presence in Lebanon and the Arab world, where he managed within a short period of time to become one of the most famous presenters of gaming programs without a competitor, due to his spontaneity, his excellence and his style, widely praised at the level of the Arab world. His point and his method of communicating with the participants contributed to making him the “number one” among the TV presenters.

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