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Snoop Dogg Teases in New Album That He Smoked Marijuana With Barack Obama (Video)

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2014, the late night television host asked the marijuana-smoking rap legend Snoop Dogg if he’d ever smoked at the White House. “Not in the White House – but in the bathroom,” Snoop revealed at the time, as he nonchalantly puffed away on his blunt.

In a song titled, “Gang Signs,” which is featured on Snoop’s recently dropped album “From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites,” the rapper makes reference to smoking marijuana with, or at least in the presence of, former US President Barack Obama.

“Still sippin gin and juice while I’m smoking marijuana, bet you never blew with Obama,” the lyrics read, going on to reference many other celebrities he allegedly smoked with, like pop singer Madonna and former NBA player Gary Payton.

Some can assume that the rapper is just taking artistic licenses and was working with rhyming his lyrics, but it would not be a stretch to think it possible. Obama himself admitted to partaking in the recreational use of marijuana in his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father.”

In another biography published in 2012, titled “Barack Obama: The Story,” the work details the former president’s marijuana use as a high school student in Hawaii and subsequently as a college student.

Many former US presidents have come under scrutiny over their marijuana use, though the once-illegal drug is now becoming increasingly more acceptable nationwide.

However, if Obama comes forward and denies ever partaking in a passed blunt from Snoop, it would not be a surprise. Whether it is for the shock value or the publicity for his new album, Snoop Dogg has generated plenty of buzz in the past week.

Earlier this week, Snoop was also met with denial after claiming Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White owed him $2 million after YouTuber Jake Paul beat Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Ben Askren in a pay-per-view boxing match. White shot down the claims in an interview with Yahoo! Sports, saying he never agreed to a bet with the rapper.

The rapper’s new album dropped on the celebrated April 20, which happened to be the popularized 4-20 holiday in cannabis culture, making him perhaps a little too busy to comment on his bet with White or his alleged smoking escapades with Obama.

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