| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Military Escalation in South Lebanon

The southern border of Lebanon witnessed on Tuesday a clear military escalation between Hezbollah and Israel, which analysts say could pave the way for an expansion of the war between the two sides.

The Israeli Jerusalem Post newspaper said that a drone exploded in Ramim Ridge in Israel’s North, injuring seven.

The injured were all brought to the Galilee Medical Center, which reported that they sustained shrapnel injuries or head injuries, it added.

Meanwhile, The Times of Israel said nine Israeli soldiers were wounded, one seriously, in an anti-tank guided missile attack in northern Israel on Tuesday, while evacuating a civilian who had been injured in an earlier Hezbollah attack on a church.

Hezbollah’s Al-Manar channel said Israeli media described the situation on the border with Lebanon as “difficult” after the party carried out a number of operations that left several casualties.

On Tuesday, Hezbollah did not announce any casualties in its ranks. It said two civilians were wounded in southern Lebanon.

In separate statements, the Lebanese party said it launched an aerial attack on a newly established command headquarters near Kiryat Shmona with a combat drone and inflicting confirmed casualties.

Hezbollah’s fighters also fired missiles at the Zibdin barracks, and targeted the monitoring room near the Shomera barracks with appropriate weapons, achieving direct hits and causing casualties among their personnel.

The fighters targeted the deployment of Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of the Ramya site, achieving direct hits, in addition to a gathering of Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of Doviv Barracks, killing several of them.

A Hezbollah statement also said its fighters killed or injured a gathering of Israeli soldiers at Al-Raheb site.

According to military experts, the escalation at the South Lebanon front could lead to an expansion of the war between the two sides.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat