| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Aoun’s jungle.. Old rangers and a blacksmith

When judiciary is hit by corruption .. what fate will face justice? Judiciary,today, resembles a Demagoguery land, in which  Judge Ghada Aoun continues her malicious behavior, disobeying Judge Ghassan Oweidat’s orders.

Judge Aoun continues her funny and weird series at the same time, in targeting one side only, while corruption penetrates the institutions run by Hezbollah, and inside the “ al qard al ghasan” building there are millions of unclean money ,so, where is judge Aoun’s chivalry in this  respect.

Neither domestic collapses, nor outside warnings, nor credit-rating agencies warnings, the latest of which was yesterday, Moody’s, about the risk of Lebanon losing its correspondent banking relationships, have prevented the fall of the state in Lebanon … Yes, the state has fallen and became ruins under the grip of an era of demagogic absurdity, which continues to erode institutions and destroy what remains of the entity and identity pillars , making destruction a synonym to building  and sabotage a synonym  to reform

The Aounist “law of the jungle” prevailed in the country, and what the Lebanese are experiencing today is a coup d’etat that is described as a reversal of the constitutional, legal and judicial “standards” that smashed the authority of the state and its organs. So the Aounist judges rule “in the name of populism” and write judgments and pleadings under the hammer of “a blacksmith ” who became a “judicial police” witnessing  breaking and taking off operations outside the rule of law and judiciary, sabotaging private property and robbing people’s properties without a security deterrent or judicial dispute.

After less than 24 hours of the Supreme Judicial Council decision to refer her to the Judicial Inspection Authority and confirm that she ceases to follow up on important financial files, judge Ghada Aoun broke the decision, she resumed her challenge to the judicial authority and her rebellion against the Council and the Public Prosecutor of Discrimination, by launching a new invasion of the offices of the Mkattaf company offices  in Awkar With the support of the “Free Patriotic Movement” and  a “blacksmith’, where she stormed the building, taking off its external and internal doors in full view of the state and its judicial and security apparatus. Then, she rushed to ”put foot”  inside the building, raiding its properties, vandalizing its contents, and seizing some of its devices and files without any legal or judicial justification, especially since it committed its flagrant crime as “impersonation” and deprived of judicial powers.

The scene appeared to be very sensitive, yesterday afternoon in front of “Mkattaf Exchange Company” gate in Aoukar, which locks had been broken , so that Judge Aoun could enter offices and take out computers, which were said to contain the secrets of  smuggling funds abroad data.

However, “some wisdom” ruled the containment of tension, which in some stages developed into a stampede and conflict between the security forces which arrived “to maintain security and remove civilians from the private property belonging to Mr. “Mkattaf”,and the “old rangers” composed of retired military personnel, affiliated with a pro-Aoun organization .