| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Are Europe’s troubles heralding a new world order?

The Russian attack on Ukraine appears to be spreading across a vast geographical region, avoiding the republics of the Soviet Union that were physically independent, although some of them stayed under the aegis of Russia, the mother country. Today, Vladimir Putin made the decision to send it back to the House of Obedience.

To shed light on the significance of these events, their course, and outcomes, Sawt Beirut International spoke with retired Brigadier General Yarub Sakher, who believes that the Russian-Ukrainian event drew the world’s attention, and the new conflict is currently trending, due to the potential threats to global peace and security, and what might result. Conflicts may impact not only Europe, but the entire globe, if the conflict escalates and lasts for a long time, dragging nations into blocs and alignments, resulting in a drastic shift in geopolitical maps and a significant fluctuation in the areas of influence and control.

All of these reasons are preparing us for an “emergency” novelty, namely the reality that we are in the process of shaping a new global order!!!

To begin, consider the growth of global political systems:

Before delving into that, we must review basic joints in contemporary and modern history that formed global “systems,” some of which lasted for decades.

Second; Reflection of the Russian-Ukrainian event internationally”:

History has become accustomed from time to time to the emergence of personalities and leaders with tendencies whose nature governs the nature of the world and affects its paths.

What helped Russia’s rise was the US geo-strategic retreat after the Bush era, and the soft diplomacy policy that Obama pursued during two terms, by retreating in the Middle East and focusing US attention on containing China through the Asia Pacific strategy. The invention of shale oil ($36 a barrel) and the huge strategic stock of energy and control of sea lanes and energy pipelines and their prices.

In defense of Catholic Ukraine, Catholic Europe is being led by the American Protestant towards Orthodoxy, which is being led by Russia. What are the implications for our region? What effect will this have on the Middle East, the world’s heart and the site of a clash of forces? (To be continued)

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