| 18 July 2024, Thursday |

Lebanon fears turning into “Gaza 2”

The utmost hope of those who live within the circle of what might be called “hospital battles” is to secure fuel, water, and medical supplies to save those in them. It has become like a burning ball of fire that lights up the skies of the Strip and its north in particular, after it was cut off from the outside world. Paramedics and doctors became projects of martyrs as the battles and siege that took place progressed. They live it.

In the northern part of occupied Palestine, it seems that the situation threatens to develop with the continued incendiary bombardment carried out by the army of the “Zionist entity” towards towns in southern Lebanon and the raids that affected a depth of up to 40 km, as if there is a thirst for more blood by the Prime Minister of the entity, Benjamin Netanyahu, and this was translated by His Minister of Defense, Galant, “confirmed that their army is ready to do in Beirut what it is doing in the Gaza Strip… and our pilots are sitting in the cockpit with the noses of the planes facing north… and we only used 10%,” according to what one Hebrew newspaper reported.

Galant’s words are a clear indication and acknowledgment of what he committed in the Gaza Strip, and that their intentions to expand the scope of battles are serious, after Lebanon has become the key word for any statement from the entity’s leaders, which is accompanied by an expansion of the circle of targeting to affect civilians, the most recent of which was the targeting of a car carrying a civilian family, which led to the martyrdom of 3 girls and their grandmother, all the way to Headquarters of peacekeeping forces operating in southern Lebanon.

With the escalation in the pace of clashes in southern Lebanon, the expansion of their scope, and their transformation from a response to firing sites into raids using suicide and explosive marches and long-range missiles, things may move to a dangerous slide that threatens Lebanon to turn it into “Gaza 2” with the escalation of the pace of “Israeli” threats that have restored scenes. Previous invasions g

But the rules of the game today cannot apply to the entity’s calculations after its combat capabilities appeared in Gaza, where it suffered heavy human losses by turning the territory of the Gaza Strip into scorched earth, since Hezbollah’s combat capabilities and the type of weapons it possesses, including smart weapons and smart missiles, were unveiled in Several occasions may prompt the Israeli army and its leaders not to rush to implement its threats and to be content with verbal presentations, according to a source following military developments.

The source continues, “What raises concerns is the entity’s failure to respond to Arab and Gulf pressure, whose leaders met in an emergency joint Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh, after the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation were scheduled to meet in two separate summits, but the Saudi Foreign Ministry announced the merger of The two summits culminated in a statement that stressed the condemnation of the war crimes committed by “Israel” and the barbaric and inhuman massacres, and rejected describing them as self-defense. Most prominent was the emphasis that “neither Israel nor any other country in the region can enjoy security and peace.”

The source concludes that escalation is still the dominant situation with the failure of the negotiations that were taking place behind the scenes regarding the hostage exchange process, the importance of which seems to have faded with the rise in the number of battle casualties, and the horizon and efforts are no longer clear, which indicates that matters may be open to all possibilities, with There is no deterrent to the Israeli killing machine.

  • Sawt Beirut International