| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

Bassil fails to decipher the cipher of the objecting deputies in the presence of the founding president

It has become a given that the legacy of former President Michel Aoun is in a state of regression in terms of influence and the deterioration of his capabilities in terms of imposing his conditions in political life, especially on his allies in the axis of resistance led by “Hezbollah” and it has the final word in determining the paths, so how if the matter is related to the name of a president A republic that does not stand in the way of the party’s freedom of movement, its paths and its weapons, which it will not abandon in the face of “Israel”.

Things did not take the course that the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” Gebran Bassil expected in what he aspired to, namely the succession of his uncle in Baabd Palace, but he was distressed after announcing his axis, led by “Hezbollah”, adopting the candidacy of former minister Suleiman Franjieh, despite the attempts of intimidation and enticement that The latter led it in the face of his ally, who was unable to adjust the compass in his direction.

Today, Basil is trying to exploit the available axes to reach rapprochement with the sovereigns, led by the “Lebanese Forces Party,” but the noose began to tighten after many names were presented that embarrassed him, especially from his bloc, until it recently landed on former minister Jihad Azour, the name that sparked controversy. large and appreciative.

On the internal level, the situation is now living in a state of divisions and rebellion, while others live in bitter silence, or in other words, “water in their mouths,” and according to the description of one of the currents who came out of the fold of “Mirna Chalouhi,” far from the heir and limiting the legacy, and what constituted a “scandal” of the alternation of authorities in A party that was active and promising in the Lebanese partisan life, and this is how the situation of the deputies on scholarship who reject Bassil’s presidential decisions can be described.

This “fugitive” narrates the events of “Black Tuesday” that the head of the movement lived at the table, which was once crowded with the positions and decisions that the general used to recite in Rabieh every Tuesday, and asked the “outside” from Basil’s bosom: Where is the chandelier from the soil? There we used to refuse and object with bare chests, and here the meetings turned into a bazaar that we agreed or objected to, and the goal was “supply and demand.” Thus, they entered us into their game of “the smart one, the smarter one,” so our valiant was smarter than their prophet and the fastest in “hold the knife, watermelon.”

The “rebel” and those outside the ranks of the movement continue, saying: “The Mirna Chalouhi Center team decided to seek the help of a friend, and they found nothing but the general, carrying him with the hardship of the road and their intractable problems. Nora, “The heir president did not find anyone but his uncle to decipher the codes of the objecting deputies, who became the majority on Bassil’s table, but the founding uncle entered as he left, leaving the son-in-law in the hole he dug with his own hands.

The current activist fleeing from Bassil’s entourage returned to the reminder between that Tuesday when the general shouted at them and “rebuked” them for their objection when he decided to beatify Gebran Bassil as a legitimate heir. On that Tuesday, some of them left and did not return from Naim Aoun to Ramzi King, Antoine Nasrallah and others and others) but in This Tuesday, Aoun stood helpless, whispering: Gibran has uprooted your thorns with your own hands.



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