| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Fear God. Gasoline ignites quickly, and who else but Gobran Bassil, plays with fire inside our areas?

Gas stations’ hoses were the spark that ignited fire between the Shiite Anqoun and Maghdusheh, the southern capital of the Royal Roman sect. It was the raid that almost overthrew coexistence in the eastern Sidon region, and because the sectarian system only works in the presence of two clerics, one Christian and another Shiite, a folklore meeting was held in MP’s house Michel Musa.

Maghdouche citizens consider that the “over- morale” prompted the environment of the “resistance” to do whatever it wants, without giving any notice to any consideration. These attacks are repeated in more than one place. They took place in Lasa and in Zaitarie, the street that dominates with its motorbikes the Jdeideh area in the Beirut suburb. and the invasion of Beirut on May 7th, is the evidence of this sectarian bullying’s extent. People’s circles warn that matters will not end in a safe manner every time.

The municipality has set a system for filling fuel, and it should be abided by all residents of the town.  This decision angered the people of neighboring villages, who considered it, as a partisan political decision, and they ask: Who secured the gasoline for these two stations in Maghdouche, while the nearby stations raised their hoses some time ago? They also ask, what kind of  malicious role played by the Ministry of Energy through Aurour Fghali, who distributed fuels according to party affiliation, and that the Free Patriotic Movement is the only one that has the advantage in our region, and has the names of all the stations and their (affiliated to parties) owners in the eastern Sidon region. People’s circles in Anqoon add: “Fear God, fear God. Gasoline ignites quickly, and who else but Gobran Bassil, is playing with fire inside our areas?