| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

French-European dissatisfaction with the political system

Finally, if the falsehood has a round, then the right has rounds, as it seems that this is what began to apply in the case of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, where the truth once again triumphed over the falsehood, through the support of the Court of Appeal in Paris yesterday, the decision to seize Salameh’s money, on suspicion that he had obtained it. illegally, and the investigation chamber of the court issued a decision, confirming the legality of the seizure operations that took place on real estate and banking assets owned by the ruler in France and other parts of Europe, valued at tens of millions of euros, and include apartments in upscale areas in Paris, and others in Britain and Belgium. And bank accounts obtained, through financial operations and misappropriation of large sums of public funds.

Hence, the funds are now reserved for the Lebanese state, but according to judicial sources concerned with the file, the matter requires a mechanism for implementation, as well as an unspecified time if it is days, months, or more to translate the decision, confirming that the appeal submitted by Salameh and rejected by the French courts confirms There is no escape except for the return of the seized funds and real estate to the Lebanese people, but there is no clear vision yet on how to return these funds from France to the Lebanese people, whether through projects or in cash and directly, so the next few days will clarify that, given that The issue is under study by the French authorities, but what can be confirmed is that the cornerstone of this issue has been laid on the right track, which is very important.

And the sources considered that this French decision should never be underestimated, as it seems that the French authorities are tired of the corrupt system and its failed policies, so it is not excluded that it will follow various means to fight this system.

The sources point out that although the Riad Salameh case is a money laundering case in France, the assets of this money, which are from the Lebanese state, cannot be overlooked. In-kind and financial property must be returned to the Lebanese state, and not to the French state, which could have been returned to its advantage on charges of laundering and forming a gang of evildoers.

The sources stress that the basis for this case is to establish the right of the Lebanese state to obtain the funds that have been seized, but the lesson remains in implementation.

The sources mention that Salama is just an employee who served the political system for decades, and carried out its orders, and at the same time he is a partner to this system and benefited greatly from his position and benefited from it, and he also possesses dangerous secrets, enough to expose quite a few senior officials and put them behind prison bars. .

The sources conclude that the French judicial decision confirms that France and its president took a decision not to cover the corrupt political system in Lebanon, so this judicial decision was tantamount to teaching a lesson to this Lebanese political system, and at the same time keeping pace with some countries that are not satisfied with this system by twisting its financial arm in Lebanon.

Therefore, the sources consider that the French judicial step will not be far from what a number of European countries could take against Riad Salameh at a later time, after there has become an international conviction of the corruption of the system through the ruler.

  • Sawt Beirut International