| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Hezbollah: an extremist religious Islamic party that advocates for freedom!

After they took the lead on the road to the Martyr Rafic Hariri International Airport, it appears that Qassem Soleimani photos have become more symbolic than those that characterize the Lebanese Republic and its sovereignty, in addition to the complexes, memorials, boulevards, and squares bearing the names of Iranian clerics and military leaders.

This is of course the tip of “party” practices that it is trying to impose on Lebanese society, the last of which is was the International Book Fair’s incident in Beirut.

What happened sparked a huge debate about freedoms, imposing a culture alien to Lebanese Arab society, and the danger of changing its Arab identity and identity. All of these matters were the focus of an interview conducted by Sawt Beirut International with the advisor to the head of the “Lebanese Forces” party for presidential affairs, Antoine Mrad, who considered that what happened in the book exhibition highlights a dangerous, which is represented by the desire of “Hezbollah” to expand the framework of its hegemony to include the cultural arena in Lebanon.

What is surprising is the position of the Minister of Culture today, the party’s deputy, who acts as a political minister and spearheads the confrontation even within the government more than he acts as a minister of culture.

“It was not surprising that one of them verbally expressed his rejection of this logic, but the reaction was a lot of exaggeration in terms of the excessive violence that the activist was subjected to, and thus the logic of bullying with physical repression is unacceptable, and it was possible to respond to it by discussion, and finally, a reaction,” Mrad explained.

Hezbollah’s reaction to what happened surprised its supporters and even the political level, particularly the tweet launched by Jawad Nasrallah and his criticism of what he described as the “party” attempting to infringe on freedom, as well as the question of where freedom is and other issues related to freedom of expression.

Therefore, this reality stems from the belief of “Hezbollah” in the Wilayat al-faqih, which does not meet with a consensus of Shiites in different parts of the world, and we believe that the majority of the Shiites in the world do not believe in the Wilayat al-faqih and consider it a kind of heresy, and there are many Shiite scholars in Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan and even in Iran itself dare On the rejection of the Wilayat al-Faqih area.

Mrad added that the Arab League charter gave Lebanon the right of veto in all cases, so that there would be no room for imposing things that Lebanon would not be satisfied with as a country of diversity and Islamic-Christian coexistence in which one group does not dominate over another. “Hezbollah” destroyed this privacy in order to include Lebanon in its defiance policy.

Finally, Lebanon’s desire today is to ensure its freedom, diversity, and distinction as a country of dialogue and civilizational meeting, noting that “Hezbollah” refused to “disassociate itself” as a digression, and now it calls on Lebanon to neutralize it from the Ukrainian crisis. As a result, in order to survive as a homeland of freedom and diversity, Lebanon is called to an internationally recognized positive neutrality and is protected by the United Nations umbrella.

  • Sawt Beirut International