| 22 July 2024, Monday |

“Hezbollah” attempts to manipulate the state to serve its own interests for covering its actions.

What happened in Al-Kahaleh area last Wednesday could recur in any region of Lebanon, due to the state’s dependency on the “Hezbollah” militia, which wields unauthorized arms. These arms, operating outside the realm of the state, emphasize that no authority surpasses the party’s control over the official state institutions. Moreover, this incident in Al-Kahaleh could have dragged Lebanon into the flames of renewed tensions, further compounding the complexities and intricacies of the domestic landscape. The internal situation, already laden with signs of crisis and gloom, appears to be spiraling into more turmoil. As if the Lebanese people haven’t endured enough economic and social hardships, Al-Kahaleh incident has once again sparked anxiety and fear among the citizens. This sentiment follows the previous week’s security concerns stemming from clashes in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp, coupled with precautionary statements issued to citizens by several nations’ embassies.
The aftermath of the overturning of “Hezbollah”-affiliated truck in Al-Kahaleh area has imposed itself upon the internal Lebanese landscape. Political sources have deemed this situation, as reported by “Sawt Beirut International,” indicative of the state’s disintegration due to “Hezbollah’s” practices, juxtaposed with the state’s subservience to serve its interests and cover its actions. This development is seen as a step forward in its resignation from safeguarding the people. The incident has been interpreted by these sources as proof that “Hezbollah” is no longer a self-contained entity and poses a threat not only to itself but to any place within Lebanon. The organization now seems to propagate miseries and chaos with audacity, as transgressions expand and become daily occurrences. If this points to anything, it indicates the disintegration of the state and the exposure of its vulnerabilities.
The sources expressed astonishment at the military forces’ protection of “Hezbollah” by clearing the crime scene of weapons and ammunition, while their responsibility should have been to safeguard the citizens from armed individuals. The sources pointed out that the overturned truck might be just one of many similar trucks loaded with weapons and ammunition passing through the Al-Kahaleh area and other regions on a daily basis without any accountability from anyone. They questioned the source of these weapons, their ultimate destination, and their intended use – whether it’s for intimidation or even the assassination of free individuals, especially following the accusations in the killing of the southern citizen Elias Al-Hassrouni.

The sources lamented that instead of the Lebanese state reigning in the militia, it seems to be the militia tightening its grip on the state. Rather than concealing its militia actions, it now boldly reveals them in an attempt to position the state as its defender and portray people as aggressors.

The sources considered that “Hezbollah,” through its actions, is violating the Lebanese constitution and essentially overturning it due to the strength of the weapons it possesses. It exercises control over the people’s interests, livelihoods, security, the security of their aircraft and passengers, as well as their food security. All of these actions are strongly condemned.

Consequently, the sources observe that the current political situation has become more intricate following the Al-Kahaleh incident. Nevertheless, they noted that “Hezbollah’s” efforts to engage the leader of the “Free Patriotic Movement,” Gebran Bassil, are a calculated maneuver aimed at exploiting contradictions. The intent behind this tactic is to lure the movement towards adopting the party’s stance. “Hezbollah,” being one of the main beneficiaries of the presidential elections not taking place, is attempting to prolong the delay for as long as possible to keep Lebanon without a president. This maneuver is designed to sustain its control over power and the country.

The sources concluded by expressing their bewilderment at how Gebran Bassil intends to compel his supporters to bear their wounds in silence and accept the presence of a militia outside the state, all to protect its arms and its political project.

  • Sawt Beirut International