| 22 April 2024, Monday |

“Hezbollah” bombed the Kingdom’s front for two internal and external goals

There is no doubt that the Arab and Gulf movements cast their shadows on the Lebanese internal scene, most notably the tour of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Turkey, Egypt and Jordan, although each visit has its own character, but the main conclusion of this tour revolves around unifying the Arab and Gulf position towards crises in the region in the face of Iranian hegemony and the project Persian to undermine the region, starting with Iraq, which the velayat-e faqih regime has spared no effort to scatter the attempt to produce an authority free from Iranian control over the joints of the Iraqi state through some of its political and military arms, all the way to Syria, where Iranian influence expanded with the absence of Russia, the main agent and rhythm controller in the Syrian arena, which It is still under the auspices of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, which was unable to re-float itself in the Arab bosom, according to a special source for “Voice of Beirut International”.

As for Lebanon, according to the source, Iran holds the keys to power and decision-making through “Hezbollah”, which is considered the “golden” card for it due to the availability of political cover for it and its participation in political life as a player who can control all its decisions according to what is in line with Iranian policy in the region, and it has spread Militarily, in most countries where Iran has a supportive presence of some militias, most notably in Yemen through the “Houthis”, where the front calmed down and the death marches towards the lands of the Kingdom and the UAE stopped with it, and the Houthis no longer had the ability to confront as in the past, add to this the process of liquidating the most prominent Iranian minds that She is credited with enhancing the capabilities of Iran’s oil facilities.

And the source continues. It is not surprising that “Hezbollah” has returned to escalation in the face of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by aiming its arrows at its ambassador in Lebanon, Walid al-Bukhari, without naming him when a member of the “Central Council” in the party, Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, described him as an “ambassador of backbiting.” This confirms that the Kingdom’s efforts To bring Lebanon back to its former glory as the capital of the East and meet, especially since these moves converge with the aspirations and positions of many Lebanese politicians in light of the changes on the political map, as for the decline in the influence of the axis of resistance and the continuous demand to limit arms to the Lebanese state and to remove it from the conflict of the axes.

The source continues that Qaouk’s words have two internal dimensions in terms of embarrassing Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati towards the Kingdom, and he made several contacts accompanied by promises and French support for the return of Arab ambassadors to Lebanon after the statements of former Minister George Kordahi. The fourth is an attempt to subjugate it to the names that will form the government of the last four months of President Michel Aoun’s term at a time when the internal arena is witnessing foggy in terms of many files, most notably the “Karesh” field, which put Lebanon on a hot seismic fault with the absence of any solution or explanation for the Lebanese position, although the The American mediator visited Lebanon and brought with him answers from the Lebanese authorities, which he did not disclose. Here the source raises the question about the timing of the “tweet” of former Minister Gibran Bassil, who sealed it with a warning to the “Israeli government” when he addressed it by saying, “It is able to complete the solution if it wants, otherwise it should be at the very least.” Withdrawing the ship away from the Karish field.” And what papers does the son-in-law have to prevent Israel, even though the negotiation process is limited to the presidency and the second presidency.

The source concludes that he considers that Bassil’s position indicates that he is trying to lead the negotiation scene in this file, although he does not have any official capacity to enter this line unless he secures the portfolio of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs according to the many leaks that were circulated, although he refrained with his bloc from naming President Mikati.

  • Sawt Beirut International