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“Hezbollah” stuck in internal and external impasse, and confronting drilling’s cost is expensive

The negotiations of the maritime borders’ demarcation have been calm lately between Lebanon and “Israel.” The American mediator, Amos Hochstein, was absent from the scene, he turned off his engines, and did not write on his agenda a specific date for returning to Lebanon, in light of the confusion of the Lebanese state and its division, towards dealing with this vital file, except for the three drones that flew over the disputed area.

These drones did not achieve the desired results, despite the enemy’s threats, and the complaint that Lapid conveyed to the French sponsor, President Emmanuel Macron, who sent a message to the Lebanese interior that included a “reprimand” for the dangers of skipping diplomatic efforts, which prompted the designated president to denounce this action… But “Hezbollah” has no way out regarding countering the continuation of the “energy power” ship, in establishing its feet in the “Karesh field”, especially with the announcement of the Israeli Minister of Energy that the process of extracting gas will be launched in September, and determined the location of the platform, which is 80 km west of the shores of “Israel,” after the shooting down of the drones, and thus suggests that what happened will not stop the excavation process, according to what a special source told “Sawt Beirut International”.

The source continued that the awayouts available to the Party cannot reach the limits of costly military action, that the Lebanese people, who are suffering under economic collapse and the absence of any internal and external solutioncannot bear. Nor will any country provide assistance to a country where Hezbollah, classified as terrorist, participates in the decision to war, rather it is the one who determines its timing, as happened in previous years, while reconstruction and aid fall on the shoulders of Arab and Gulf countries, and this matter is not available now, as in 2006, especially that the Secretary-General of “Hezbollah” continues his attack against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has not, and will not leave Lebanon.
The source stresses that “Hezbollah” is in a predicament towards its environment and the Lebanese people after it raised the ceiling of its threats in terms of not allowing “Israel” to drill and destroy excavated ships, and here it will be in confrontation with its ally, President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, and his son-in-law, head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” Gebran Bassil in dealing with this file. The one who thinks that this file, maight spread for him the “red carpet” towards Baabda Palace, because it is not achievable as the interests of the major countries are not built on special interests. So how in a country like Lebanon, where it seeks by all means to placate the Arab and European countries, to extricate it from bankruptcy.

The source concludes that the process of “tuging the ropes” on the issue of forming a government, the living crisis that has worsened dramatically, and the popular turmoil that has turned a blind eye to the oil wealth that may float on the Lebanese shores before the dawn of September, the date of extracting gas and transporting it to the European continent, which began to groan under the weight of oil derivatives’ high prices.
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  • Sawt Beirut International