| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Illusion positiveness of a new government will not fool Arab and International communities.

Illusion  positiveness  accompany Monday’s consultation session, after many names were insinuated, most of which revolve in the orbit of each team’s private accounts, but what is certain, is that there will not be a no government, no matter who is chairing it,  because it will not have the  specifications  of the Arab and international approval, and it will not carry miraculous solutions to save what remains of the state’s components and to extricate the Lebanese from the bottom of Hell.

Several developments dominate the Lebanese scene, perhaps the most notable of which are the two missiles that fell on Lebanese territories, which were an evidence to the state’s failure in all its institutions to determine their source and quality,  this raises the question about the reason for this hiding , and what if it has hit houses and led to deaths and injuries, how would it have dealt with it?

As for other developments related to the economic situation, no solution is in sight, with the continuation of the authority’s approach to the process of formation, which everyone knows that part of it is linked to internal and to personal accounts,  in which sects are being used, and others related to the region, while it awaits negotiations on the Iranian file, which is reeling, due to the impact of  Israeli strikes on Iranian factories and arms depots, and against its militias deployed on the Iraqi-Syrian border, inside Syria, and on the Lebanese Syrian border, which weakens Iran’s ability to have the upper hand at Vienna talks, despite the fact that the new Iranian president raised the ceiling of his demands- while facing the Ahwazi revolution- which he does not seem being able of suppressing,  after it has entered its tenth day, gaining Arab and international solidarity.

Despite all this jubilation for setting a quick date for designating a prime minister, which some believe will go to President Najib Mikati, this optimism is artificial and an open attempt to persuade the international community to suspend  the siege on this class,  because the available time has run out,  and of course the silence Surrounding the papal initiative, and the Saudi-American and French meeting’s provisions, will be put into practice, then there will be no recourse from accountability. Of course, the bet will be on the Lebanese people on August 4, the anniversary of the port explosion. Will they rise up to meet the international initiatives, or will they remain submissive, waiting for guardianship until they reach adulthood?