| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

Lebanon must refrain from participating in any wars it can no longer endure

No matter who wins or loses a war, it is always the innocent who suffer from the deaths, displacements, destruction, and loss of future opportunities. What then is the situation in a country like Lebanon where crises are sweeping from all sides, divisions are impairing political life and constitutional rights, and the administration is unable to develop… What are the solutions for Lebanon’s recovery from its crises?

Currently, Lebanon is on the cusp of a conflict between Israel and Palestine, the latter of which has the legal right to liberate its territory, that is raging in Gaza. However, we don’t need to expose our nation to unnecessary perils or get involved in them. Lebanese must strengthen their internal cohesion in order to protect themselves from all threats.

To oppose any attempt to lure Lebanon into a conflict, we, as Lebanese citizens, parties, and political parties, must stand in a straight line with one hand in the air. The worsening of living conditions in Lebanon is causing the Lebanese citizen to suffer from crises and make a living. Our institutions are broken, we are experiencing a presidential void, and the Treasury lacks the funds to restore them. The Lebanese people’s money and lifetime earnings are kept in banks, and our economy and investments have been blocked.

Yes, we support the Gazans who are being bombed, but as Lebanese, we also need to support one another since a war on Lebanon will just exacerbate our tragedy and misery.

In light of the fact that all Lebanese parties, regardless of their political leanings, have agreed to support the right of the Palestinian people from the outset, we must start from this point on which we have reached consensus and work toward avoiding Lebanon’s involvement in this conflict, especially given that we, as Lebanese, have experienced the horrors of war and have not yet fully recovered from the losses of the July War.

Therefore, a comprehensive and united stance is needed to protect Lebanon from the conflicts and wars going on around us, to pay attention to our many internal issues and concerns, to speed up the election of a new president of the republic, and to form a government capable of enacting reforms. The situation in Lebanon can no longer tolerate inaction, so what if we start a war while we are already at it?

  • Sawt Beirut International