| 1 October 2023, Sunday |

LF to address rejecting dialogue issue in an advanced and decisive manner

Dr. Samir Geagea, the leader of the “Lebanese Forces Party,” made an accusation against “Hezbollah,” beginning with the recent incident committed against Elias Al-Hasrouni, a resident of Ain Abel and a former official in the party, the Lebanese Forces, in a way that suggested it was just an ordinary incident, but Geagea refuted it. Some of the specifics of this crime, complete the list of martyrs who came before Al-Hasrouni, going through current occurrences, particularly the “Qurnet Al-Sawda” and “Al-Kahaleh” episodes.

According to sources close to the opposition, Geagea’s remarks compelled the opposition’s “private trumpets” to unleash a violent campaign in defense of its axis, which has been directly implicated. It is not new, but it gained traction following the forces’ martyrs’ mass, as well as “Hezbollah’s” dissatisfaction at the forces’ appearance.

Sources believe that “Hezbollah” has been betting for some time on the forces’ party withdrawing from the option of challenge and confrontation and thus accepting the fait accompli, even under the guise of dialogue. However, what is happening indicates an upward trend for the forces’ position at the political level.

This matter has been clear since what the forces call the “Ain al-Rummaneh” raid, through the political confrontations, especially with regard to the election of the President of the Republic, as the forces were able, after long suffering and hard effort, to convince the largest possible number to line up in serious and effective opposition to confront “Hezbollah” and their allies.

It is clear that the assassination of Al-Hasrouni did not prompt the Forces Party to retract its positions. Rather, observers saw that Geagea found it an opportunity to continue his high tone and his refusal to accept what he considered a message from Hezbollah, even though the latter sought to obscure any connection to the Al-Hasrouni murder and tried to suggest that it was just a traffic accident.

According to private sources, it has been established that the forces were also present in Al-Kahaleh to ensure that the “Hezbollah” challenge in this town would not go unreported.

According to the information, the forces will engage in an advanced and unequivocal rejection of the dialogue and will not accept it, since they perceive the discussion about the presidency of the republic as a new obstructive argument, or an attempt to impose Frangieh.

Therefore, information indicates that the forces informed those who should be informed that they are not ready to back down from their position, but rather they are working to ensure the largest number of votes rejecting this bombed dialogue.

  • Sawt Beirut International