| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

MP Bou Saab putting FPM at risk, trying to keep good terms with Parliament speaker

The Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament took an arrow from a group he kept in his hunting bag, since he joined the trailer of the “Free Patriotic Movement” bloc and his affiliation with it as a framework for his work in political affairs, distinguishing him from the parliamentary figures who surround the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement,” former Minister Gebran Bassil, who is subject to the latter’s will and decisions and his spearhead in his battles.

Bou Saab realized early on that the process of sacrificing him in favor of other personalities was safer in terms of voluntariness with Bassil’s decisions, and the first incident was on the last parliamentary elections battle in Al-Matn district, where the results of the votes showed that the process of overthrowing him and Representative Ibrahim Kanaan or curtailing them was planned in the Aounist kitchen.

Attempts to differentiate Bou Saab from the positions of the Basilian movement occurred in numerous locations, beginning with his refusal to attend FPM meetings. Rather, he went farther in his refusal to vote for the white paper in the sessions to elect the President of the Republic, in contravention of Bassil’s circular, and was preceded by the war fought on behalf of the Council Presidency.

The deputies are split between following MP Bou Saab or MP Alain Aoun, which was woven by the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Berri, who seems to be in harmony between him and Bou Saab. Such an incident recalls the relationship that linked the Speaker of Parliament with former MP Elie Ferzli, even if it is not similar to it in terms of strength. However, MP Bou Saab proved himself and his ability to keep pace with Speaker Berri in several stations.

There is no doubt that MP Bou Saab is trying to play many roles, in terms of his representation in the Metn region, where he aspires to inherit the late MP Michel Murr at the level of services in the region and his relationship with Speaker Berri as heir to Ferzli.

His proposal stipulating holding early parliamentary elections is clear evidence of being on “great” terms with parliament Speaker. Not to forget to mention that MP that Bou Saab was the first to submit a proposal to postpone the municipal elections!

  • Sawt Beirut International