| 9 December 2023, Saturday |

New details about Al-Hasrouni’s assassination confused the perpetrators

The data collected from the scene of the crime that led to the assassination of the former official in the Lebanese Forces Party constituted confusion for the planning and implementing party, especially after the news came out that the investigation file had been closed due to the security forces not finding any lead that would lead to identifying the perpetrators, even though the videotape shows many pieces of evidence.

It was noteworthy that the stories that began to be woven and published on social media sites hold the party to which the victim belonged responsible.

A source familiar with some of the details of the investigations and what is happening in the region considered that the investigations have reached zero point, which is reprehensible because it appears that the security services were prevented from completing the investigation, especially in the areas from which the armed vehicles that pursued the murdered Elias Al-Hasrouni were launched, and from the data that reached some of those concerned, it appears that Hezbollah did not allow it to be completed, and this is what hindered the completion of the investigations and stopped them. This matter was considered by the source to be clear evidence of Hezbollah’s responsibility for the assassination of Al-Hasrouni, and what indicates that he was the perpetrator and obstructed the investigation, as happened in many previous files. Therefore, it is embarrassing in this case, after the method of its occurrence was revealed, despite the planning carried out by the perpetrators in a manner that could not raise suspicions or even knowledge of the perpetrators, and therefore Hezbollah was careful not to expose its involvement, because he knows that the calculations with the forces differ from those that may occur with other forces, but unfortunately for him and fortunately for the people of the town of Ain Abel, one of the hidden cameras placed on the wall of one of the houses where the victim was kidnapped captured the scenes of the operation and the cars that carried out the operation, and this is what confused and surprised Hezbollah, and this is what prompted them to broadcast malicious news by holding the “Lebanese Forces” responsible by weaving narratives about financial reasons that led to its liquidation.

The knowledgeable sources who follow this file added that the interpretations and narratives being published confirm the responsibility of “Hezbollah” for the crime and it has become certain, after the suspicions were 10% today, they have been confirmed by 100%. Therefore, this assassination will not go unnoticed by the people of the town of “Ain Abel,” because this assassination targeted them as it targeted all people, since Al-Hasrouni is from the people of the House and was always by the people of his town, helping them on various levels, and he was a man of trust and faith, and at the same time he was a moral man. He did not commit any mistake or any lapse that would allow him to be assassinated, except for known political reasons because he had a principled position.

The source recounts what happened recently, one day after commemorating the fortieth anniversary of Al-Hasrouni, a group of young men from the town of Aita Al-Shaab came, they were not attacked as was rumored, but rather they were asked questions about the reason for their presence at night in the area, which is a normal thing after the killing of the town’s son, as the townspeople began to carry out a kind of guarding, and it seems that this matter angered them, and they began to exploit them even though no problems or conflicts occurred or they were subjected to any insult, they found it an opportunity to target the people of the town and exploit what happened and direct it in suspicious directions to justify their attacks on the town and its people.

The source continues that what happened that night was exploited by the aforementioned group, as yesterday morning, 3 masked men known to belong to Hezbollah blocked the road between Ain Ebel and Bint Jbeil for a period ranging between 10 and 12 minutes, where they stopped cars carrying 3 and 4 people working as teachers in Bint Jbeil and asked them to return to their town, and this matter was considered by the source to be a restriction on the people of “Ain Abel” and the Christian towns. Consequently, intensive communications took place with various security services, which promised to prevent the recurrence of these manifestations, and asked the people to communicate directly with them to address the situation, because it is not permissible for these incidents to be repeated, because they may spark strife, and this is what the army or other security forces do not want, and thus this incident was addressed to prevent its recurrence.

The source points out that the intimidation that occurred will not dissuade the people from their position, as they are the ones attacked and have the sole right to object and they did not block the roads. On the contrary, Hezbollah members are trying to find justifications for continuing their attacks.

The source concludes their statement by saying that Hezbollah’s continued pressure will not discourage the “Lebanese Forces” and the sovereign forces from continuing the confrontation with the axis of resistance until what satisfies the Lebanese is reached, considering that this systematic destruction of the state and the attempt to overthrow international resolutions on the ground in the south is no longer acceptable.


  • Sawt Beirut International